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Sledge - PCC - Figure


OK, so the ROTF Constructicons weren't the smash hit everyone hoped they would be and, as good as they are, even the Legends set leave some unfulfilled. Perhaps the Power Core Combiners might give it a better attempt. They're gonna start out small, by offering Sledge first.


It was his deep loyalty to Megatron - and his deeper dedication to destruction and mayhem - that won Sledge the opportunity to upgrade his abilities through combination. His partner Throttler is a vile little creature every bit as mean as Sledge.


Commander Mode

Sledge has a brawny robot mode. From the thick legs and the big footprint to the chopsaw in the middle of his chest, the whole "Don't mess with me" look is present. Even the head sculpt has a tough look to it. Just in case you don't get enough of a hint from just looking at him, there is also the pair of Decepticon logos found on his forearms.


His minicon partner Throttler, however, looks somewhat silly. Maybe it's the purple paint job that doesn't make me take him so seriously. Then again, it could be his rather odd proportions.

To transform Throttler into his chest armor mode, Fold the lower legs half-moon into the thighs. Rotate the arms so that the ball joints face the front. Spread out the legs and arms 45 degrees outwards. Push in Sledge's blade and open up the panel on the right side of his chest. This will expose the minicon port that Throttler links to. Not sure how well a spread eagle minicon works as chest armor, I'll just leave it at that. Please, refrain from the obvious.

To convert Throttler into drill mode, Flip the legs into the thighs, then twist the legs 90 degrees outwards. Link the two legs together. Fold the legs behind him. Fold the arms back and position into the legs to form the drill bit. You can either attach the drill to Sledge's chest, or peg it to either of his shoulders for a 'drill ram' effect. For a plus, the minicon chest is on a rivet so you can simulate 'rotating' the drill.


Feet:Pin hinge, 120 degree bend
Knees: Pin hinge, 165 degree bend. Pinned above knee for unlimited lower leg rotation.
Hips: Dual pin hinges, 180 degree bend and 90 degree spread.
Shoulders:Ball joint, 180 degree rotation and 90 degree spread.
Elbows:ball joint, 90 degree bend
Head:Pinned for unlimited rotation

You'll have to reposition the shovels on his arms to get full arm spread. Beyond that, good articulation.

Commander Mode Specs

Supplied accessories:(1)Throttler Minicon figure


Commander to Vehicle Mode

Spread out both arms and flip over the shovels to conceal the hands. Fold in the plates alongside his head to conceal his face. Pull out the chopsaw from the back and rotate until the head is tucked into the chest. Fold in the hinged panel to conceal the head. Position the arms so that the upper arms point straight out and the lower arms/shovels have the Decepticon logos facing inward. Bend the legs back, but keep the knees straight. Grab the sides of the chest and pull the sides apart, where they will eventually sweep back and join each other. Be sure to peg the two shovel halves together. Fold the feet down and bend the knees to finish, noting where the combiner ports tuck into the body.

Alt Mode

The alt mode is a backhoe with a chopsaw. There are also a pair of shovel plows underneath the chopsaw. The rear features the shovel. The combiner ports on the rear make tangible exhaust ports. The treads are very convincing in looks for being plastic, and also feature 4 molded wheels for rolling about.

The backhoe shovel has three points of articulation, including the shovel head, mid-joint and base. There is also some rotating ability, but it's due to the ball jointed mid-joint. Since the chopsaw is connected to the head assembly, trying to use it at ground level will pop the head out of hiding. .

If having a shovel just won't do, you can also connect Throttler to the base of the shovel for a drill bit. Just a word of caution: You can rotate the drill, but do so carefully as the limbs don't have a strong connection point.

Alt Mode Specs

Length: 3.63in/92.2mm (including chopsaw but excluding shovel arm)
Height:1.75in/44.5mm (excluding shovel arm)
Wheels:4 molded into simulated tread
Detailed cockpit:N/A


From Commander to Combiner Mode

Swivel the head 180 degrees to expose the combiner head. Fold the plates into the commander mode's face to expose the horns on the combiner mode's face. Raise the arms 180 degrees so they are straight up. Twist the shoulders at the combiner port so the ports point out the sides. Twist the shoulders at the ball joint so that the shovels lay alongside the combiner mode's head. Push the blade back from his chest so you can close the jointed door. Twist the legs so that the simulated tread faces the sides. Twist the feet so they point out. Drop down the minicon ports.

Combiner Mode

The combiner mode comes out looking a bit lanky, especially in the legs. However, one might like their 'cons to look a bit on the lean and mean side. At least the head sculpt has a vicious look to it.


Commander Mode: Very built look combined with good articulation.
Alt Mode:Some functionality mishaps with the gimmicks, but good detailing
Throttler:Worst minicon yet for the line, the drill mode barely holds together.
Combiner Mode:A bit scraggly looking, but overall no complaints
Overall:Not the best two pack out there, but has some potential based on upcoming drones.

Class:Scout plus Minicon 2 Pack


DateOctober 20th 2010  
Score 7 stars (7 out of 10)  
LinkSledge via Movie Database  

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last 10 shown - scroll to view more   TFormers Member Comments
3:28 am

I finally found him at Kohls of all places. He was the only one, but they did have an Icepick, SA Sideswipe and the rest of that wave. SA Sideswipe is solid, but this thing is akward. The review covered that pretty good though. The reason his drill thing doesn't work could be the result of h... read more 
6:32 pm

He's here at all the stores with all the other PCC's 
6:28 pm

Sledge. Another one i havent even seen. I only seen the enivitable everywhere you look, wave 1, then Mudslinger (2 of them, bought one), Double Clutch (same as Mudslng), and Ice Pick and Leadfoot (one each, bought both. Icepick's heads were not able to connect to the body due to having too small... read more 
2:22 pm

Anybody remember Marvel Comics' Starriors? This guy's drill/saw chest weapons are (probably unintentional) homages to Crank and Cut-up, both of whom were on the "construction crew" half of the conflict.  
formerly nortagem
3:50 am

A mean-looking Constructicon...not much more to say. I agree with others about the minicon...perhaps repainting the purple to silver matching Sledge's saw blade will do the trick? I've also gotta black out those nasty blue 'connectors'...yep, still bitchin' about those...  
2:57 am

I like Sledge and his minicon and I don't care for the whole minicon thing. I've seen this type of equipment when they are repairing long stretches of Highway in Illinois. May not look "exactly" like this, but it had a big saw on it with the back hoe. I think the minicon could have... read more 
2:38 am

I don't think you mentioned this in the review, but the undersides of the arms have 5mm peg holes, so you can plug Throttler's head into either of those holes so Sledge can wield his weapon form in his "hands" and go all Gurren Lagann on some Autobots. 
5:34 pm

I like Sledge. Seeing a new Constructicon-like Transformer that actually has a good robot made buying Sledge an easy decision. After the RID Landfill set, the cheap Energon Consructicons and the horrible movie Constructicons, Sledge is more than welcomed. 
Hip-Hoptimus Rime
2:38 pm

I like this guy a lot, and agree that the 2-pack leaders are better than the 5's. I love Sledge's multi-machine alt mode, and the way the treads bedn outward at the knees automatically. Not too crazy about the dual-face thing. Great fig overall. 
11:35 am

This is actually probably one of my favorites of the line. I'm sorry to say, but thus far, each five pack's leader has been an utter dissapointment for the most part(Though Bombshock, the only complaint I have is the robot mode. It's not the nicest, but I love the combiner mode's loo... read more 
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