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In the coming weeks, pop culture enthusiasts from around the world will be able to register for BotCon 2015 and purchase the “Frank Welker VIP experience” package. This package will contain ONE autograph from Frank Welker, ONE professional picture with Frank Welker, an EXCLUSIVE MEGATRON art print, an EXCLUSIVE MEGATRON souvenir pin and VIP seating at his moderated panel on Saturday.

Hasbro's website has posted new images of the Platinum Edition Blitzwing & Astrotrain! Blitzwing looks just about as good in tank mode as he did as a robot or jet... and so does Astrotrain. These recolors really have been fascinating to see, and I can't want to see if I can ask more about them at BotCon this year. Keep reading to see!

Beast Wars: Uprising story!You will need to sign up tonight by 11:59 pm CST to be a member of the Transformers Collectors’ Club and receive this year’s FREE Membership Incentive Figure Lio Convoy! For a final look at the Lio Convoy figure, you can click the “club exclusives” button to your left and as a special treat, to read the second installment of the all-new prose fiction series starring Lio Convoy.

In fairness, what could Tailgate have really been reused as if not Windcharger? Granted, in a way Takara answered that question a few years ago by making Reveal The Shield Windcharger in to Marvel comics character Wipe-Out. While that's probably a little too far afield for Hasbro, it would work a little better using Tailgate's mold than it did just making a black Windcharger. But despite the collective yawn of disinterest this Windcharger received when it was unveiled at Botcon 2014, this isn't something that should be easily overlooked. Keep reading!

There was a lot of information delivered from Toy Fair. Some of it came as reports from those who attended, but most of it was in the form of photos. With so much out there, it can be a little hard to keep up with what's what, so we're going to bring you the highlights of the coverage and break things down for you. Is Constructicon articulation really that limited? And why are they so big? How small is Minimus Ambus? Why is Defensor sad? Click through for the answers to these questions and more!

Robot Kingdom has just listed their preorders for the full range of Combiner Wars wave 3, from Legends, through Deluxe and up to Voyager. These assortments featuring the Protectobots, as well as Warpath, Viper and Cyclonus are listed with an arrival of April. Leader Ultra Magnus is also up with an ETA in June. The times given reflect arrival in Asia, with an extra several weeks before reaching the US, which seems to be putting all of these toys around Botcon time, as if that part of the year wasn't going to be expensive enough already! These dates may change, so stay with us for the latest updates.

The Collecticon Youtube channel where Hasbro's John Warden demonstrated the process of fitting the Cyberverse Legion-size Minimus Ambus figure in the space inside the torso of Ultra Magnus, which is styled like a classic mecha cockpit with considerable detail sculpted in. The video shows also that Minimus is absolutely optional by Ultra Magnus being fully formed in robot mode before the smaller figure was removed from its display stand and added. At the end, Warden suggests there may be Masterpiece reveals to come at Botcon this year. Click through to watch!

Mr Chaos has posted once again relaying news discovered from retailer inventory listings. Following what we expect to be the final product waves of 2015 including Voyager Optimus Maximus and legends Rodimus and Skywarp, we'll see several new toys in both of these pricepoints. Coming as little surprise is Onslaught, presumably the preplanned alternate use of Hot Spot, but the rest of the entries are rather unexpected. Keep reading to find out more!

The Battle Tactics mobile device game has provided us with an unexpected amount of sneak previews of upcoming items, including Viper, the Cobra Rattler-inspired Powerglide redeco, and Silverbolt's retool as Cyclonus. With the game now in full release, users have noticed a pattern to the character selection so far: They almost all have Classics toys that are the basis for their in-game appearance. This makes the presence of Joyride as an unlockable character very interesting. Keep reading to find out more!

Shark Jumper at TFW has posted a few quick images of Huffer, the retool of Legends Class Optimus prime shipping as part of the second wave of Combiner Wars branded Legends. Featuring a new head but suffering the loss of the Roller-ish partner figure, this delightfully orange figure may not be a perfect recreation of the character's original design, but it takes its own interesting direction. Click through for the photos and comments from Shark Jumper.

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: We discuss the Titan Class Combiner Wars Devastator leak, the Hasbro Gobots trademark filing, new Combiner Wars figures, The Maketoys Re:Master Series, the Hasbro Combiner Wars fan designed figure, more on Takara’s Superion, the possible reveal of the Botcon 2015 boxset and way, way, way more! There’s tons of news to analyze on this week’s Radio Free Cybertron!

Now that all of the interesting things have been leaked or otherwise shown one way or another, it's time to get in to the rest of the third Figure Subscription Service, starting with Nacelle. Once again dragging the Classics Seeker mold out of bed, Nacelle uses the unique parts created for Botcon 2007's Thrust and applies what must be an alarming amount of paint to emulate a never-produced deco from a catalog image featuring the G1 mold. Click through to check that out, and remember this batch has another of this mold in it...

Over the weekend we brought you an early analysis of a screenshot from an episode of Cybercast featuring an interview with Pete Sinclair of Fun Publications where several toys could be seen that may be Botcon exclusives for this year. Since then we've continued analyzing the image and have made some updates and corrections to our original conclusions, and one may suggest a surprising move for convention exclusive toys - or we might be seeing another surprise entirely. If you're interested in toy spoilers in advance of official reveals, keep reading...

Pete Sinclair of Fun Publications was recently interviewed over video, and in the process seems to have let a bit too much fall in frame. Based on an enhanced screencap by well known fan Monzo, we've identified and highlighted the toys that are visible. The image is low-res, but with some work defining the edges the forms of the figures can be made out well enough. Of course this is likely a spoiler for some of this year's convention toys, so please keep that in mind before proceeding. For full info, keep reading!

Age of Extinction was by far the most news of 2014, but it was by no means the best. And it may not be the worst news of last year either! ExVee and RAC have looked back over the year's news and chosen the best, worst, and just plain saddest stories of the year. Keep reading to see!

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