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Alliance Decepticons 
Alt Mode Half Track Tank 
Year 2010 
Class Deluxe  
Product # 28590 
Assortment Wave Five 
UPC 653569558286 
MSRP $11.99 


The ruthless, methodical intelligence for which Skullgrin is known is only a front. Inside him rages the spark of a mad beast, straining to break free. He rarely engages in combat, so afraid is he that the heat of battle will drive him into a frenzy from which he will never emerge. Though he is a Decepticon, he still fears the destruction of which he is capable.


  • Cannon converts to battle-axe
  • Review

    Sometimes, Hasbro has a knack to hit a repaint right on the head. Other times, a repaint just seems like a quick way to throw something out at the expense of soiling the tribute. Skullgrin is a repaint (with a new head) of Darkmount. Does it hit on the head... or does it soil? The answer may lie in this review.


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