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Rodimus - Battle In Space
Alliance Autobots 
Alt Mode Race Car 
Year 2010 
Class Deluxe 
Product # 28895 
Assortment Wave Two 
UPC 653569587224 
MSRP $19.99 


Lost in deep space and desperate to rendezvous with the other Autobots, Rodimus and his crew pilot their damages starship through a forgotten part of the universe. Their only hope is to avoid the Decepticons they know are hunting them. Cyclonus will stop at nothing to destroy the Autobots. He will scour the cosmos for his prey, never stopping and never resting until Rodimus and the others are nothing more than blasted atoms.


  • Tailpipe becomes photon blaster with firing projectile
  • Press shield on hood to reveal Autobot or Decepticon allegiance
  • Autobot Matrix of Leadership included
  • Comic included
  • Review

    Originally, Japan featured a Transformers 2010 3-pack featuring Cyclonus, Rodimus and Galvatron. Seems Hasbro knew what a mess Galvatron was, because they left him out and have blessed us with the simple "Battle In Space" 2-pack, featuring Classics Rodimus and Universe 2.0 Cyclonus. So what's the differences with this re-release? Jump to this review to learn more. Included in the Battle In Space 2-pack


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